Friday, 25 January 2013

"You have lovely lip-lines" Ah, the compliments of MUA's

Since changing my hair colour recently, I decided that I'd go for a new lip colour to compliment my plum/purple hair.

Although it's no secret that Illamasqua is my favourite beauty brand, I know their lip shades inside-out and wanted to give another brand a chance (I had already been wearing Illamasqua Lipstick in 'Magnetism' up to now.)

My logic here was: "I've never tried a M.A.C lip colour, so I'll look there." Now you may be thinking: "How can any self-respecting beauty blogger not have tried a M.A.C lip product?" But I really do feel like I've pledged allegiance to Illamasqua as a brand, and therefore going elsewhere would make me feel like I had cheated on them. But I thought that, as a blogger, it's my duty to branch out and see what else is on offer.

Off in to M.A.C I went. It's always crazy busy in there, but I fought my way through to peruse the lip colours. I immediately picked out two shades that I wanted to try and caught the attention of one of the make-up artists.

I was choosing purely on a colour basis as this was the most important factor here for me (to compliment my new hair colour) but I discovered that the products I had chosen were not 'lipsticks' as such, but more of a highly-pigmented coloured balm.

The M.A.C girl began to apply the colour, as she was doing so she said: "You have lovely lip lines!" which made me laugh, inconvieniently so as she was trying to paint my lips at the time.

I had no idea what she meant by that, but I took it as a compliment nontheless. After trying both products, there was a clear favourite.

Sheen Supreme Lipstick in 'Zen Rose'
The M.A.C artist even said she had only noticed my hair colour after applying this shade as it really made it "pop" Result!
Me wearing the lip colour
I love my new lip colour, and the only semi-criticism I have is that, to achieve my "lovely lip line" I have to apply the colour with a lip brush, as the texture of the product makes it quite difficult to achieve a precise line and shape. It is very 'balmy' and moisturising, so building up the colour with a lip brush is essential, especially to ensure precision.
I later discovered that having "lovely lip-lines" makes the job of an MUA much easier, as apparently such a thing as 'double lip lines' exist on some people, forcing the MUA to choose which line to go for and follow that. You learn something new every day!


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  1. What a gorgeous shade you went for! My go to is russian red, but think that's pretty much everyone's fave MAC x