Monday, 17 September 2012

Dita Von Teese for ArtDeco

Dita Von Teese, a modern style icon with her signature cat eyeliner and red lipstick, has finally launched her very own make-up range with German cosmetics brand ArtDeco.

It seems only natural that Dita, famed for her pristine look, should have her own range of make-up, a range that will give women the opportunity to look and feel as glamorous as the lady herself.

Dita is a strong believer in the power of transformation, and more specifically the power of make-up. In interviews she has stressed that she is more of a 'created' beauty than a natural one:

"The truth is that I'm quite an ordinary looking girl, I remember watching classic Hollywood films from the 40s and noticing that these glorious women were painted that way. Glamour is about creation, and any woman who desires it can learn to create it for herself as I have. I believe that make-up has the power to transform an ordinary woman into an extraordinary one."

The range, available exclusively at selected Debenhams stores in the UK (also online at consists of lipstick, nail lacquer, eyeliner and mascara amongst others, in classic colours. The collection comes beautifully presented with the phrase 'beauty is art' featured on the packaging, and a sophisticated vintage-style design.

So if you're a lover of old-Hollywood classic glamour, a Dita Von Teese fan or just a keen enthusiast of red lipstick, this collection is perfect for you. Creating that perfect cat-eye or that perfect pout should no longer be saved only for special occasions, as Dita herself would say: "Glamour above all things."


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